Lora Brown M.D. – St Petersburg Florida Bioidentical Doctor

Fellowship-trained at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic, Lora L. Brown, MD is a double board-certified physician, specializing in the minimally invasive, interventional treatment of pain, as well as anti-aging and regenerative medicine. Recognized by Becker’s ASC Review as one of the Best Pain Management Physicians in America, Dr. Brown is passionate in her pursuit to alleviate chronic pain for each of her patients. She speaks and teaches nationally and internationally on several topics on pain management, and has served as lead investigator on numerous published trials for her studies in pain medicine. She served as president of the Florida chapter of American Society for Interventional Pain Physicians (ASIPP) and is currently on the board of directors of ASIPP.

In addition to her dedication to helping those who suffer with pain, Dr. Brown believes that balance and wellness are crucial in the prevention of the negative side effects of aging. She is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging and founder of TruWell, where she personally oversees every aspect of the patient’s clinical diagnosis, treatment, and education.

Preventive Aging Medicine At TruWell

Getting older is unavoidable, but the conditions and symptoms associated with aging are not. Instead of treating these conditions as aging occurs, modern advances in science and medicine let us proactively prevent them from occurring in the first place and even reverse them. At TruWell, Dr. Brown proactively treats the process of aging through lifestyle analysis and modification, as well as hormone optimization. At TruWell, the staff strives to guide each of the patients to their new health by combatting age-related disease and restoring vitality and optimal wellness through the use of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

Bio-identical hormones are identical in molecular structure and function to the hormones produced in the human body, and for this reason, they can be more easily absorbed and metabolized into the body. Because bio-identical hormones mimic the body’s hormones, most men and women experience few to no side effects, which can allow them to painlessly enjoy the benefits of hormone balance.

The Truwell Difference

The clinic’s medical team treats a limited number of patients who demand a higher standard of patient access to state-of-the-art technology and superior medical care and service. Each client has very personal needs when it comes to their individual wellness program. Some have specific goals to achieve, or have symptoms to resolve or both, and these needs are constantly changing. TruWell is a healthcare mentor through every step of a patient’s journey.

There’s only one you, but no one single path to optimum health. It can be difficult to navigate your options, and even more challenging to coordinate it all. At TruWell, board certified physician specialists work with you closely to identify your immediate goals and create an personal health and wellness plan that best meets your very specific needs and lifestyle. Some of the benefits of TruWell include:

  • Same or next day service scheduling. Patients are a priority, and it’s time they were treated like it.
  • No long waits. TruWell appointments last as long as it takes to address the patient’s needs and concerns.
  • Full access via multiple means of communications. Reach the team via phone, email, text, and webcam.
  • Annual TruWell physical. This is no traditional physical. This comprehensive exam will be fitted to personal medical needs. It’s all about the patients and their specific goals for health, wellness, pain relief, and preventive aging.
  • Discounted labs & medication costs. Dr. Brown will pass her professional benefits down to patients.
  • No more nickel and diming. TruWell charges a one-time fee for a personal comprehensive medical evaluation and biological age consultation followed by a six-month all-inclusive preventive aging wellness membership.

TruWell only accepts a limited amount of patients with no surprises or hidden costs. As a TruWell member, patients have access to all of the goods and services TruWell has to offer, including exclusive access to the TruWell Nutritional Chef, Nutritional Fitness Coach, and Motivational Coach. Once a person is a TruWell patient, he or she can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing they have a trusted team of medical and health professionals on their side and on their schedule. The team at TruWell consists of:

  • Dr. Lora Brown, Cleveland Clinic Trained, Board Certified MD
  • Physical Wellness Coach
  • Motivational Advisor
  • Nutritional Chef

Life is a journey that should not be traveled alone, and sometimes, people need expert guidance. Accessibility to the most advanced technological, medical, and nutritional advice is what patients will find at TruWell. People that want to feel, look, and be younger, stronger, and more satisfied can greatly benefit from the health programs at TruWell.

Questions? Please call Lora Brown, M.D., of TruWell, A New Health, directly at 800-775-4902 Ext. 213 to schedule your BHRT consultation, discuss your symptoms and decide on a course of treatment for your specific needs.